We can enhance the lives of animals in our care by improving ourselves.
Learn together!


We provide updated world-level information and techniques based on evidence and high ethical standards of animal care and training.


The BAW ACADEMY is a portable school for people who want to learn and provide better animal care and constructional animal training.

The basic course students can learn systematically about how behavior works (basics of ABA), constructional behavioral support using antecedent arrangements and positive reinforcement, ethics of animal care, training and behavioral intervention, and practical skills.

The advanced course students can learn about their skill level and understand which field they should learn more by working on games and assignments.

For more information, see BAW ACADEMY Facebook page (The information are provided in Japanese).
We invite professionals outside of Japan and organize the events for people who live with and work with animals in Japan.

Japan is behind in animal welfare from other countries. We think it's one of our important roles to provide the opportunities to Japanese people see and learn from good examples of animal care and training, and knowledgeable and experienced professionals who have high ethical standards and use modern animal care and training techniques.

For more information, see our Facebook page (The information are provided in Japanese).